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Recruitment Standard
Industry Hub provides academically qualified and committal international recruits for university partners. By leveraging our institutional relationships abroad, we provide admissions coaching for students and families in their native language.​



Industry Hub为合作大学伙伴提供符合学术资格的国际人才。通过利用我们在国外的机构关系,我们能为学生和家庭提供入学指导,指导均以母语进行。

Partnership Structure
Industry Hub offers a variable cost model where financial acknowledgments only apply after a student is admitted, enrolled, and has committed tuition. Thus, there are no fees or charges applied unless one of our recruits has fully committed to our university partner.
Industry Hub also offers four-year payment plans to lower the upfront expense of a student's first-year enrollment. Moreover, Industry Hub maintains our relationship with the student and their family to help ensure a successful and complete college tenure in the states.



Industry Hub提供一种灵活的收费方式,财务确认仅用于学生已被录取以及确认入学之后。因此,除非学生已决定入学,否则无需支付其他的费用。


Industry Hub也提供四年的偿还计划,以减轻学生在第一年入学所需偿还的前期费用。此外,Industry Hub时刻保持与学生及家长的联系,以确保学生顺利完成在美国的大学学业。

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