The College Experience in The United States
The college experience in The United States offers top-tier education, robust professional networking opportunities, and enriching cultural immersion. Industry Hub helps students gain admission into American universities and offers support throughout their college tenure.
 美国的大学提供一流的教育,强大专业的网路机会,丰富的文化交流。Industry Hub帮助学生进入美国大学,并为他们的大学生涯提供支持。
Processing Academic Qualifications
Admission into an American university requires several administrative processes. These include acquiring a student visa, an official review of previous education curricula, and passing an English language proficiency exam. Industry Hub provides support and coaching for students and families to advance through these administrative challenges.
美国大学录取过程需要经过几个行政程序。其中包括获得学生签证,对以前的教育课程进行正式审查,并通过英语能力测试。Industry Hub为学生和家庭提供相关的支持和辅导,协助学生们通过这些行政程序。
Admissions Coaching and Extended Support
American universities require strict criteria for entering their institutions. Industry Hub provides coaching services to students and families to help advance the admissions process. All coaching services are provided in the student's native language. This includes translating American documents.
Industry Hub also offers extended coaching for students and families beyond the admissions process throughout the entire college tenure. Our aim is to help students complete their college degree and launch their career.

美国大学有严格的录取标准。Industry Hub为学生和家庭提供咨询和辅导,协助学生们通过这些行政程序。所有咨询和辅导均以学生的母语进行,包括美国文件。


不止是入学程序,Industry Hub还延伸其服务至整个大学生涯。我们的目标是帮助学生完成大学学位,并成功开展职业生涯。

Visa Assistance
One of the biggest challenges facing any student with ambitions of studying in The United States is the acquisition of a student visa. Industry Hub provides administrative support and guidance in this process.
美国留学生面临的最大挑战之一就是获得学生签证。Industry Hub在此过程中会提供行政支持和指导。
Immersive Industry Trips
Industry Hub offers trips for students to meet executives and hiring managers in large cities. Each trip lasts five days and includes over fifteen company meetings.

Industry Hub安排相关职业行程,让学生有机会在各大城市与公司高管和招聘经理进行会面。每趟行程为期五天,其中包括超过15次的公司会议。

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