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Frequently Asked Questions
How does someone apply for an Industry Hub trip?
Go to any trip page on and click on a "Apply Now" button. A new page will pop up which will prompt you to input information for your application. In the application, there is a portal to upload a resume. There is also the option to upload a cover letter. Applicants who advance in the vetting process will be invited to a virtual interview with Industry Hub personnel.
Who leads the trips?
Industry Hub personnel are chosen from academic faculty and staff who have significant industry experience. Personnel are vetted for their dedication to mentorship, ability to manage logistics, and excellence in teaching.
How are companies selected for each trip?
Each company or organization featured on an Industry Hub itinerary meets one or several of the following criteria:
  • The company or organization has a history of success, industry significance, or newfound traction.
  • The company or organization is actively hiring and offers competitive compensation to employees.
  • The company or organization is growing or presents unique opportunities for young professionals that are beneficial to the long-term success of new hires.
  • The company or organization values career growth among its employees and offers skills training programs within the company.
Industry Hub may select individuals for a roundtable discussion who have contributed significantly to business, technology, media, or society. These individuals are typically regarded as industry leaders in their respective fields.
Why were the cities listed on trips chosen?
The city markets featured on an Industry Hub itinerary meet several of the following criteria:
  • The city offers immediate and near-term career opportunities for young professionals.
  • The city has a significant or growing presence of young professionals who are actively participating in networking and professional events.
  • The senior professionals and established generation of the city are active in networking events, mentorship, and innovation within their industry, which enable young professionals to rise.
  • The city’s trends indicate growth and financial success for young professionals.
  • The city offers cultural and recreational amenities that are conducive to an enjoyable living experience for young professionals. 
Is attendance mandatory on trips?
All trip participants must complete the “Trip Participation Agreement,” which serves as a commitment to attend all itinerary events. An exception may be made for any participant to pursue interviews or networking meetings that are deemed beneficial to the participant’s career development. Any deviation from the trip itinerary must gain approval from a trip coordinator beforehand.
Who may attend an Industry Hub trip?
Industry Hub trips primarily serve college students, though recent graduates may be admitted to attend. Recent graduates will undergo extended vetting and review by Industry Hub personnel to ensure cohesiveness for the trip participants. Recent graduates who apply are recommended to have a referral by a student who is actively applying or has already participated on an Industry Hub trip.
How are payments submitted?
To submit a payment to Industry Hub, go to the page that features the desired trip. Then, go to the “Price / Payment” section to submit a payment. If you have any more questions about submitting a payment, contact or call 817-800-1798.
What Attire Should I Pack?
Bring presentable, yet comfortable shoes to withstand plenty of walking and standing. Students should bring at least two outfits deemed business casual. For students interested in more artistic and/or creative industries, you may consider "snappy casual" attire, which typically involves more "statement" items included in a business casual outfit. During the trip orientation prior to departure, students may explore more specifics of attire and other questions pertaining to the trip.
What are the housing accommodations for trip participants?
Industry Hub prioritizes safety and comfort for all participants. Housing arrangements are located in each city’s top-ranked neighborhoods in regards to luxury and safety. Trip participants are provided their own place nearby the housing arrangements of the trip personnel (usually within 5 minutes). Participants will have the entire property available to them, which will include Internet, laundry options, and a full kitchen. Participants will have the option of choosing their own room or a shared room. The housing arrangements provide enough beds for each participant to comfortably rest each night.
What happens during and after the application process?
After submitting an application, candidates who advance in the vetting process will be invited to a virtual interview with Industry Hub personnel. For students who are located out of state from Industry Hub’s offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Austin, Texas, they will conduct their interview via online video chat. After the interview has been conducted, the Industry Hub team will make a decision and issue an acceptance or rejection notice to the candidate. If the candidate has been approved for an Industry Hub trip, they must then submit their full trip payment, waver form, and trip participation agreement by the announced deadline. These tasks may be fulfilled by referring to the “Price / Payment” and “Forms” sections on the desired trip page of Upon completion of all of these items, the trip participant will then schedule a mandatory orientation to go over safety protocols before departure, which can also be held online.
Are scholarships available?
Each trip designates one spot for scholarship assistance. University faculty or administrators often refer scholarship recipients based on needs-based, underrepresented status. Previous trip participants may also refer candidates to be vetted for financial assistance for an Industry Hub program. To qualify for financial assistance to an Industry Hub trip, students must meet the following criteria: (1) the student is categorized as "needs-based" from their guardian's household income; (2) the student receives financial aid from at least one reputable source, which helps validate needs-based status; (3) the student is a first-generation college enrollee; and (4) the student is considered underrepresented, which include students of color, LGBTQ, and/or students with at least one parent in active duty service (U.S. armed forces). Exceptions to the criteria herein can be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Students receiving financial assistance from Industry Hub may qualify for full sponsorship if they demonstrate exemplary leadership, scholarship, or community service. All scholarship recipients will participate in a series of interviews, which help the Industry Hub personnel come to know each scholarship recipient. Candidates for a scholarship must demonstrate a level of dedication for optimizing the professional growth opportunities provided by Industry Hub.
How much is the trip, and why is it priced at that rate?
The trip fee is $1,850. Our price is based on offering a premium service, which include a full itinerary with meaningful company visits, chauffeured transportation for select visits, and program coordinators hired from the university environment who have significant industry experience. Furthermore, all trips include elite housing arrangements, high-powered networking events, and professional skills training from experts on key skills like salary negotiation and online branding. Finally, the price factors safety measures that enable Industry Hub to offer maximum protection and ease in the learning experience for our trip participants.
Are there personnel available to answer any more questions?
Yes. Please feel free to contact or call 817-800-1798 with any questions.
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