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March 18th - 22nd, 2019

Introducing undergraduates with an interest in communication fields to executives and hiring managers in over 20 companies and agencies.


A professional development program led by academic personnel

with a focus on professional development and applied learning.

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Trip Mission
Industry Hub's mission is to help students launch careers and increase earnings upon graduation through professional development trips in big-city markets.
Our programs provide motivated undergraduate students with an interest in communication fields an educational experience in New York City that includes industry insight, professional development, and high-powered networking opportunities. Even though our itineraries have a strong communication and media focus, all majors are welcome due to the general business principles taught during the trip.
Industry Hub was launched in 2014 by Dr. Brandon Chicotsky, a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. Industry Hub is an independent service initiative unaffiliated with any specific university, which is operated by dedicated academic personnel.
Due to the dynamic schedules for networking events in the NYC area, the itinerary below is subject to change. The final itinerary will be shared with participants a week before departure, which will feature numerous company meetings.
  • Day 1: Arrivals to John F. Kennedy International (JFK) and LaGuardia Airport. Before boarding, students should begin engaging the GroupMe app to communicate with the group and receive trip notices. Upon arrival to the housing location, students will review safety measures and protocols pertaining to all aspects of the trip. Students will have the option of visiting nearby coffee shops, restaurants, and trendy shopping stores. Students are encouraged to use the Uber or Lyft app on their smartphones for transportation during free hours. Furthermore, students are requested to only leave the housing location in pairs or more. Instructions will be given for how to split car fares and avoid surge pricing.
  • Day 2: Students will receive their first lecture on industry at 8am at the housing location, which will be succeeded by visits to companies discussed in lecture. After the day's company visits, students will attend an evening networking event. Each evening networking event is an opportunity for students to engage hiring managers, entrepreneurs, and investors to help launch a career. After the networking event concludes, students will return to the housing location for the day’s “wrap-up” lecture.
  • Day 3: The day’s first lecture begins at 8am at the housing location before attending a tour of coworking spaces with various startup companies actively hiring interns and soon-to-be college graduates. Several company meetings will follow. In the late afternoon, students will stop by city attractions and will then be given a dinner break. A designated time will be given to return to the coworking space for an evening lecture. The lecture covers the next day's company and personnel engagements, along with skills-training. After the dinner break, students will be directed to the evening's networking event. After the networking event concludes, students will return to the housing location for the day’s “wrap-up” lecture.
  • Day 4: The day’s first lecture begins at 8am at the housing location on interview training and salary negotiation. Resume editing and "personal pitch" practice will also be available. Soon after, students will attend company and agency visits. After dinner, students will be given an opportunity to shop and visit attractions. Students will then be directed to an evening networking event. After the event concludes, students will return to the housing location for the day’s “wrap-up” lecture.
  • Day 5: All students will depart the housing location at 10am unless they have earlier departure times. Students are required to purchase their own flight (or other mode of transportation) from NYC to their desired location. Students may opt to stay in NYC; however, students are required to leave the housing location after 10am. Furthermore, if any student opts to stay, all housing arrangements, transportation arrangements, and event planning become the sole responsibility of the student after the final farewell at the airport.
Skills Building
The skills training and services below will be provided during the trip. Most skills training takes place between company and agency meetings.
  • Interview training.
  • Personal online branding.
  • Salary negotiation training.
  • Strategic networking training.
  • Industry reference knowledge.
  • Understanding the future of jobs.
  • Resume cleanup and career mapping.
  • Business principles for career building.
  • Professional headshots and social media cleanup.
Travel / Housing
Students are required to purchase their own flight, train, or bus to NYC to arrive on or before the first day of the trip. If students elect to drive to NYC, parking is not provided by Industry Hub. Thus, street parking or other arrangements must be pursued by the student. For students who do not drive to NYC, they are encouraged to utilize Uber/Lyft upon arriving in NYC. Industry Hub personnel will contact trip participants to receive an updated itinerary upon arrival. Trip personnel will be at the student housing upon their arrival.
Industry Hub does not mediate nor arrange flight itineraries on behalf of students. Trip participants are encouraged to arrange the earliest flight possible on the day of arrival and departure to safeguard from any delays.
Students are responsible for purchasing and booking their own flight from NYC to their desired destination city. For students who opt to stay in NYC beyond the trip dates, they are required to leave the housing location after 10am on the final day of the trip. All transportation, housing, and event arrangements beyond the morning of the final day are the sole responsibility of the student.
For any travel outside of the trip's scheduled events, students are encouraged to travel in pairs or more using the Uber or Lyft app. Uber/Lyft provide a retrievable record of where the car traveled, the time of day the route took place, and who was present. Uber/Lyft are considered by many to be markedly safer than cabs and has the full confidence of the trip personnel. Furthermore, Uber/Lyft are offered at a comparable price to most cab services.
By using the Uber app and traveling in pairs or groups, students may ride safely to restaurants, museums, shopping centers, and sightseeing areas outside of the trip's itinerary. As a reminder, students are mandated to attend itinerary events scheduled by Industry Hub, all of which pertain to professional development, skills training, and strategic networking. There will be blocks of time dedicated for shopping and recreation. Personnel will be present during all scheduled itinerary events and will provide logistics oversight to ensure safety.
A private residence in NYC’s plush upper east side of Manhattan has been designated solely for the group. Wifi is available at the housing location. Each student will have a bed available to them. The housing locations are nearby the trip coordinators' housing arrangements, which enables the pickup process to run efficiently. The address of the housing location will be sent out before departure.
Any housing disagreements will be mediated and settled by trip personnel if deemed necessary. Due to the upscale amenities and comforts of the private residence, no such disagreements are anticipated. Students will have more bedding options than the number of trip participants to avoid any conflict and to increase comfort.
Group housing is important for collaborative learning and efficient trip scheduling. Students are encouraged to assist each other in networking, online branding, and "personal pitch" exercises.
Trip personnel will reside at a separate, nearby private residence in NYC. Trip personnel will be available at all hours via phone in case of an emergency​.
View housing from the last trip to NYC (below). Housing selections are determined based on comfort and safety.
What to Pack
Students should bring at least two business casual outfits. Plan to mix and match to pack lightly. Each afternoon includes either a company headquarter visit, collaborative workspace visit, or conference event. "Business casual" in NYC may involve a blazer, open collar or nice shirt to compliment professional dress pants or khakis. Sneakers are not permitted. For some, high-end dark jeans (with no tears or patterns), a "statement shirt" and a blazer may function well with dress shoes to fit the description of "snappy casual," which is permissible if planned tactfully. Though, it's better to lean toward traditional business attire if you are not accustomed to assembling a functional "snappy casual" outfit for business and agency environments.
Anticipate plenty of walking and standing throughout the trip. Some students may elect to bring a change of shoes with them throughout the day to transition into before entering each meeting.
Each evening, networking events are offered that are more casual. Students are encouraged to dress slightly more professional than their surroundings to make strong first impressions. For some, professional attire may conflict with an artistic, creative, or well-branded persona that has been cultivated for years. If this is the case for a student, seek out compatible company cultures at the networking events and continue branding yourself strategically.
Trip participants should bring their laptops to take notes during lectures and work on their online brand. Students should also bring smartphones to check-in to locations online and photo-share their experiences. Some may even choose to livestream. Personal branding efforts, blogging, photo sharing, and individual research about NYC companies are other trip related uses involving a laptop and smartphone.
Trip Personnel
The NYC trip will be led by the founder of Industry Hub, Dr. Brandon Chicotsky, and two faculty colleagues. Personnel for industry trips are among the most valuable relationships students gain by participating in an Industry Hub program. Trip leaders are recruited from university faculty based on their excellence in teaching, on-campus reviews from students, and past industry success. Profiles and contact information of trip leaders are sent to students in advance of the departure date. Students and parents are encouraged to communicate with trip leaders for any questions they may have.
Trip leaders help develop students' online brands, as well as guide students in strategic networking, salary negotiation, job prospecting, and industry history. Trip leaders are heavily screened for their value toward mentorship, level of responsibility, and logistics management abilities. They are recruited from their college to volunteer on these trips as a way of offering service to the next generation of young professionals. Trip leaders share Industry Hub's mission of empowering students by facilitating high-powered networking and providing access to hiring managers in leading companies. Many lectures held during the trip itinerary are delivered by the trip leader. Therefore, Industry Hub carefully recruits to identify faculty with industry experience.
Each trip leader undergoes a background check and a series of training modules that focus on safety protocols. Throughout the screening process, Industry Hub clearly defines bounds of appropriateness, protocols during emergencies, safety precautions, responsibility in caring for participants, and a commitment to students' professional growth. Trip leaders are actively managed and held responsible by Industry Hub's directors, the university community, industry colleagues, and the law.
Price / Payment
Price / Payment
The fee for the trip is $1,850 and includes the following:
  • Full itinerary of high-powered networking with executives and hiring managers of over 20 companies and agencies;
  • Curriculum and lectureship covering professional development, industry insight, and career building;
  • Housing for the duration of the organized trip;
  • Transportation to and from scheduled meetings;
  • Assigned faculty/staff trip coordinators;
  • Professional skills workshops and lectures provided before and throughout the duration of the program.
PLEASE NOTE: The fee does not include flights to and from the trip destination, unscheduled recreation, or meals.
Needs-Based, Underrepresented Scholarship
Each trip reserves one spot for a student designated for financial assistance by meeting the following criteria:
  • First-generation college student.
  • On financial aid and categorized as "needs-based" with a reputable provider or your university's financial services office. Please note that household income may need to be disclosed to substantiate this categorization, along with correspondence with your university's financial aid office or financial aid provider (as permitted by state and federal regulations).
  • Classified as an underrepresented student, which include students of color, LGBTQ, and/or students with at least one active duty parent in the U.S. armed forces.
Applications will be considered for scholarships on a case-by-case basis for exceptions to the criteria above. If you qualify for the criteria listed herein, apply for the trip and contact to notify our personnel of your interest in the needs-based, underrepresented scholarship. A representative will follow-up with you to evaluate your eligibility. 
The housing arrangements provided for trip participants are situated at a private residence in an upscale neighborhood in the upper east side of Manhattan. There are nearby hospitals and local respondent services available on call for any emergency. The trip personnel will also have access to a vehicle and will be available during all hours at a location nearby the students' housing in case of any immediate need.
Throughout the trip schedule, students will be accompanied by academic personnel who serve as trip leaders, logistics managers, and mentors. During hours outside of the trip itinerary, students are required to travel in pairs (or more). All itinerary events are mandated, which run from 8am (sometimes earlier) to the late evening with networking events.
Check-in tags on various social media platforms or specific apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and LinkedIn enable friends and family to see where each student visited throughout the day. Trip participants are encouraged to check-in to any venue they visit to create a memorable track record of their experiences. This also increases the level of safety, accountability, and precautions necessary to ensure a beneficial trip. Furthermore, trip participants can connect with each other via social media to enjoy more group experiences. Outside of the trip itinerary, the trip personnel stress the importance for all students to travel in pairs or groups.
Safety protocols involving the following circumstances will be addressed at the beginning of the trip: allergic reactions to food, personal injury, misplaced or lost items, necessity for police help or protection, getting lost, peer conflict, drinking and illegal drug use, prescription use, medical emergencies, and any unforeseen circumstances involving personal health and safety. Any illegal activity, including underage drinking, is absolutely prohibited and may result in an immediate dismissal from the trip itinerary with a financial penalty of $1,000 plus costs associated with booking travel for the student to return to their destination city. Such violations may necessitate Industry Hub personnel to purchase an early flight on behalf of the student to their destination city, as the housing arrangements provided by the trip may be forfeited if the student is determined by the trip personnel to put peers at risk.
Throughout the trip, students are encouraged to be available to receive phone calls, email, text message, and social media messages from family and friends (as long as the engagements do not distract from the trip itinerary). This availability ensures each student is connected to their support system as they experience a high-powered networking and crash-course learning in professional development. Furthermore, family and friends can reach out with any questions or concerns and should expect prompt responses.
Each trip participant is required to fill out the Waiver Form and Participant Form. Access the forms below.
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