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About Industry Hub

Industry Hub was launched in the summer of 2014 as a service initiative to help undergraduate students launch their career and increase earnings upon graduation. Industry Hub's founder, Dr. Brandon Chicotsky, was currently serving as the Coordinator of Experiential Learning at the University of Alabama's College of Communication and Information Sciences. After taking students to meet executives and hiring managers in Silicon Valley, several students were placed in outstanding industry internships and early-entry positions. For students returning to campus, they had more clarity and focus on how to leverage their education for early career success. Moreover, the network development of executives and hiring managers was exceptionally empowering for all student participants. This success inspired an expansion of trip offerings to include big-city markets throughout the United States.
Dr. Chicotsky has organized and facilitated 14 trips in 10 cities for 137 students. In total, Dr. Chicotsky has initiated over 280 official company visits during this tenure.


Dr. Brandon Chicotsky

About Industry Hub's Founder,

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky is a full-time faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School specializing in business communication.  
Dr. Chicotsky's pedagogy and research also include interdisciplinary topics related to media, technology, and entrepreneurship. Since beginning university lectureship in 2014, Dr. Chicotsky has taught thousands of students in various topics ranging from digital management to organizational models of media entrepreneurship.
Dr. Chicotsky founded Industry Hub to offer value and service to academia while empowering students with pathways to high earnings and high-powered professional networks. 

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Industry Hub成立于2015年夏天,乃一间为大学生提供专业发展的机构。 

创办人Dr. Brandon Chicotsky,当时带着学生在各大城市与公司高管和招聘经理会面。为了进一步发展这个项目,Dr.Chicotsky展开了与阿拉巴马大学的传播与资讯科学学院的合作。


在担任学习协调员时,Dr. Chicotsky在十个城市为137名学生组织了14次旅行。在此任期内,Dr. Chitcotsky总共发起了163次正式的公司访问。此项目已成为一个长期重点事项。欲知更多信息,请访问。


除了国际学生的招募,Industry Hub也将持续为学生提供相关的职业旅游,以帮助他们开展职业生涯。



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